Managing online classes:

With the growing pandemic and the extended lockdown, schools may not be reopening anytime soon. As many schools have started teaching through the online mode, both parents and children are now facing a new situation of managing the content, worksheets, test papers etc. which the schools upload. Below I will be sharing some quick tips… Continue reading Managing online classes:

Surviving special needs: 10 effective coping skills for parents

Parenting as they say is a full time job ; and when the child has a condition which needs constant care and attention parenting can be frustrating and downright exhausting. Parents go through a lot of stress while bringing up a child with special needs. The whole gamut of emotions that a parent faces from… Continue reading Surviving special needs: 10 effective coping skills for parents

Attention in young children:

Parents are often concerned when they see their child getting restless and fidgety just in the middle of a teaching session. Repeated requests do not yield results and often parents are at a loss as to what could be wrong with the child. One important fact to consider is that young children have a short… Continue reading Attention in young children:

The road to good behavior

As a first time mom, I had always struggled to induce the correct or ‘appropriate’ behavior from my then five year old son. He had entered school, after finishing his kindergarten and was exposed to a variety of behaviors from his friends, neighborhood kids and kids at school. He is usually well behaved but really… Continue reading The road to good behavior